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One on One Personal Training

Starts at $110 / hour

Tandem Personal Training Session

Starts at $180 / hour


  • All of our personal training sessions are 1 hour in length (unless otherwise specified)

  • Clients training a minimum of 2 hrs/week may use cardio equipment outside of personal training session at no add’l charge.

  • Studio provides workout towel, water & day use lockers for your convenience.

Receive your Free Fitness Assessment.

Why Choose Us For Personal Training?

We are a boutique training studio 100% dedicated to personal training and nutritional guidance. We are not a monthly membership facility. There is no monthly fee.  We are appointment only.

Every client who works out at Naples Fitness is closely guided by one of our professional trainers through an exercise program that is custom tailored to you and your specific goals and needs.  Our carefully chosen Personal Trainers are independent contractors with several years of experience running their own businesses. In addition, each trainer holds a degree in Kinesiology and/or a national certification in the field of Health and Fitness, which provided them with a detailed understanding of the human body and how to correctly approach physical fitness and well-being.

We take great pride in knowing that we are offering the best service to our clientele.  Your goals matter to us, and we guarantee to guide you on the most efficient path to success. Our in depth knowledge and understanding of the human body gives us the ability to use scientific methods and analysis to help illicit the results you desire. There is no magic pill. Fad diets are dangerous.  There is no “quick fix”. There is however, the reality that hard work and dedication combined with an understanding of the inner workings of the human body can produce tremendous physical and mental results in your life. Make the commitment to make the change!

What is the NF approach?

We care about your results and we work hard to help you obtain them. We use an educated approach in guiding you through effective and proven workouts.

Upon entering Naples Fitness, you will be matched with the Personal Trainer that best suits your expressed fitness needs and goals. You will be given a one on one consultation and then taken through a full body fitness assessment.

A fitness assessment is used to test the five components of fitness, which are:

-Muscle Endurance   -Muscle Strength   -Cardiovascular Endurance   -Body Composition   -Flexibility

Your physical limitations, physical abilities, history of physical fitness, and desired results from your personal training experience all play an important role in the design of your workouts. Once your results are obtained, a personalized exercise program is designed for you. Based on YOU.

All of our personal training packages include ongoing fitness assessments so you can see the actual changes you have made to your body. There is nothing more exciting than reaching a goal. Let us measure your path to success!

Our Trainers are Certified and Degreed.

For Our New Clients

  • Please show up 10 minutes before your initial consultation to fill out new client forms.

  • All personal training consults/sessions will be held at the 5542 E. 2nd St. address.

  • 24-hour policy for cancellations or rescheduling is strictly enforced.  Your trainer should be notified directly.  Your session will be forfeited if not cancelled without at least a 24-hour notice.  Please do not leave cancellation/rescheduling messages on the gym answering machine. 

  • Use of exercise equipment (excluding cardio machines) requires trainer supervision at all times.  Clients may not workout on the training floor without a trainer at any time.

  • Cardio Machine use is available outside of your scheduled training session.  Please be courteous to trainers who are working with clients, as they have priority while in session. Please limit your cardio machine usage to 30 minutes.


To speed up your first visit, print and fill out your new client form before visiting the studio.